Micrex-SX SPH Range

The Micrex-SX SPH range offers high-speed advanced machine control.

Four CPU options are available: SPH200, SPH2000, SPH300 and SPH3000. All have a capacity of up to 8192 I/O. A 1ms program scan and I/O refresh is possible. Function and performance distribution configurable with multi-CPU system configuration of up to 8 CPU's.  CPU redundancy, power supply redundancy, 1:1 warm standby, N:1 cold standby can be selected as required.

Both hardware and software (SX-Programmer Expert) conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers.

Can be programmed with SX-Programmer Expert or SX-Programmer Standard.

Micrex-SX SPH Series Catalogue

Micrex-SX SPE Range

The Micrex-SX SPE range offers high-performance in a compact body with in-built I/O.

Four CPU options are available: 20-point, 30-point, 40-point and 60-point. All with power supply options of 100-200VAC and 24VDC.

Can be loaded with either SX-mode or N-mode firmware.

Can be programmed with SX-Programmer Expert (SX-mode), SX-Programmer Standard (SX-mode), or Flex-PC Software (N-mode).

Micrex-SX SPE Series Product Catalogue 

Technical Support

Comprehensive manuals are available from Fuji Electric: Technical Documents.